Introducing ARTM

next generation use
cases unlocked

ARTM leverages blockchain technology with all new use cases. Real world NFT's, global game powerups, streaming platforms, and more!



The ARTM Token

Timeless next-gen technology

ARTM is an ERC-20 token that will be used to unlock NFTs, video streaming, and gaming add-ons.

  • Designed for longevity
  • Secured by the Ethereum blockchain
  • Purpose-driven

Non-Fungible Tokens

Collections, keys, expanded realities

  • Exciting, new marketplaces for creating and managing NFTs.
  • Strategic partnerships with leading brands.
  • Fully ERC-721 compliant for use with all popular wallet applications and exchanges.

Use Cases

Video Distribution Rights

Imagine a world where you can take a digital movie you purchased and re-sell, trade, or simply “burn” it. The future of video distribution rights is the NFT, and with ARTM in your corner, it couldn’t be easier.

Streaming Event Access

It’s no secret that it’s difficult to control access to live streaming events. Bring a real-life box office approach to live streaming by using NFTs as your game-day ticket.

Digital Music Rights

Just like video, NFTs open the door to a new way for artists and fans to connect. Limited release album? Albums that unlock content in the future? You’ve got it and more.

Digital Image Ownership

NFTs have taken the art industry by storm and changed the way we think about digital art. Using ARTM, we’ll make it easier than ever to create ownership over your masterpiece.

Physical Products & Merch Tagging

Whether your company sell cars, hats, hoodies or widgets, there is no reason not to include an NFT with it. The technology is here, and ARTM will help you use it.

Gaming Currencies & Merch

The gaming landscape will never be the same. By harnessing the power of blockchain, we are able to bridge the world of in-game currencies and digital merch, with the gamer’s actual wallet.

lAunch mAp

Q3 2021: The ARTM Token

  • Initial platform research and development
  • ERC-20 & crowdsale smart contract research, development and audits
  • ARTM token created / founders sale

Q4 2021: Token Sale

  • ARTM token sale launched (Pre-Sale / Public)
  • Core NFT smart contracts research and development
  • Community reward mechanism development

Q1 2022: NFT'S & Multimedia

  • Initial core NFT smart contract implementation and testing
  • 1of1 NFT Marketplace Launch
  • Multimedia NFT use case (NxtGen Streaming)

Q2 2022: Gaming & More

  • Multimedia/Gaming NFT Partner Launch
  • Research and development for merchandise tagging use cases

Q3 2022: NFT Partner Launches

  • Automotive NFT Partner Launch (TBA)
  • Luxury Brand NFT Partner Launch (TBA)


Sales Specification

Token name: ARTM

Ticker Symbol: ARTM

Currency Symbol Image :

Crowdsale Price: 1 ETH = ~5,85 million ARTM

Fixed Suply: 1 trillion ARTM

Softcap Goal: $50m USD

Minimum Purchase: None*

*Note: Although no minimum purchase applies, please be aware that a typical ERC20 token transaction on the Ethereum blockchain will result in approximately $15-$50 worth of transaction fees based on recent gas prices. Check out HERE to find the best times to buy.

General description
ARTM is fully compliant with the ERC-20 token standard. Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.


Token Distribution

Allocation of funds
Total token supply - 1,000,000,000,000




Reserved for Community


Founders, team members, and advisors


Company incentives, marketing and strategic partnerships




What cryptocurrency is required to purchase ARTM?

To purchase ARTM through our ICO you will need the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). For new cryptocurrency users, we recommend using one of the following exchanges to purchase ETH:,, Once ARTM becomes listed on an exchange this will allow you to purchase it through the exchange using other cryptocurrencies such as USDT (Tether).

Can I purchase ARTM directly from my exchange account at Coinbase,, Gemini etc.?

DO NOT attempt to participate in any ICO directly from a cryptocurrency exchange. Please ensure that you are using a personal wallet when participating in this ICO. We recommend one of the following personal wallets: Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, TrustWallet

Bottom Line: If your wallet can’t connect to the ICO purchase page on this site, you should NOT be attempting to participate.

Can I trade ARTM at an exchange?

Initially ARTM will only be available for trading on platforms known as Decentralized Exchanges (DEX’s) such as “Uniswap”. However, we will be working aggressively to further your trade options through the pursuit of listing on various traditional exchange platforms.

Also, please note that ARTM is a utility token. This means that the token itself is a critical piece to unlocking many of the use cases we are developing. By holding ARTM, you hold the key to many amazing new products and services that are on the way. Be sure to follow us on our socials to catch the latest announcements.

What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and why did your team choose this distribution method?

The ICO is a classic tried and true method used to distribute a new token into circulation. The primary feature of an ICO is that tokens can be purchased directly from the source at fixed exchange rates. This is very different than purchasing tokens on the market, as the prices are fixed for the duration of the ICO.

This is our preferred method for distributing the bulk of the new token supply because we believe that it will provide the most opportunity for purchasers. We believe that this method makes it more difficult for automated trading systems to artificially inflate the price of ARTM during the launch as the ICO will act as a price anchor that helps mitigate pump & dump schemes.

core team

Jamin Meyers

Software Systems and Design Lead

Jamin is a full stack developer with over 25 years experience creating and maintaining webbased software applications. His latest work involved developing Web3 applications (dApps) and cross-platform native and web apps.


Ryan Farley

Blockchain Lead

Ryan is a Sr. systems engineer and software developer with close to 20 years of experience building and maintaining enterprise solutions for the US Air Force.


Connor Jennings

Art Direction & Design

Connor is a multidisciplinary designer & art director with an eye for the latest thing. He’s been working on advertising campaigns across emerging channels, digital, social as well as TV and print. Recently he has been leading re-branding and design efforts for large-scale, corporate identity systems.


Gillian MacMaster

Social and Marketing

Social Media Manager with experience working for luxury brands through to tech startups. Gillian keeps her finger on the pulse for new and emerging social trends.


Zechariah Nicome


Over the last 7 years as a Communications Specialist Zech has consulted with numerous successful businesses to maximize both their internal and external communication. His priority is helping companies clearly and promptly communicate to current and future clientele while simultaneously keeping internal communication as efficient as possible.

core team

news & press

news & press

News 1/10/2022

Public Sale Begins as ARTM Concludes Sucessful Pre-Sale

ARTM has announced the conclusion of their pre-sale and is extending congratulations to all who participated in its great success. During their pre-sale a total of 790 ETH worth of ARTM was purchased, and ARTM is ready to take the world by storm in the public sale. The public sale will be a duration of three months propelling ARTM to take the next step into further expanding their presence in the crypto community. ARTM Token aims to continue to bring a world class experience to current and future holders focused on maximizing utility, growing the ARTM community, and building long lasting partnerships with global brands that they ensure will be announced in the near future.

News 12/22/2021

ARTM Listed on LBank

ARTM is pleased to announce its latest listing with one of the world’s leading crypto asset trading platforms, LBank. LBank offers clients around the world crypto to crypto trading pairs for various digital assets and provides expert cryptocurrency asset management solutions. Since 2016, LBank has become an absolute giant within the crypto industry and has a 24-hour trading volume exceeding $1B USD. This means massive future opportunities and returns for ARTM holders. ARTM Technologies is looking forward to this next step with the LBank exchange and future partnership opportunities. View on Lbank

News 12/21/2021

ARTM Continues to Build with Hotbit

ARTM Technologies is extremely pleased to announce their continued growth and their latest debut with powerhouse trading platform, Hotbit. Hotbit has become one of the biggest and fastest growing platforms worldwide. Alongside world renowned cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This debut will mean even more access and higher returns for ARTM holders around the globe. Established in 2018, Hotbit has grown to 7 million active registered users from over 160 countries. With no deposit fees and industry leading customer support from Hotbit, they can ensure a world class trading experience for all ARTM holders. View on HotBit

News 12/13/2021

ARTM Token Makes CoinTiger Debut

Up and coming crypto currency ARTM Token is officially open for trading on Singapore-based exchange, CoinTiger. This is the first of many steps in the right direction for ARTM, improving the value of the coin since the debut and ensuring massive returns to ARTM holders in the near future. CoinTiger’s low trading fees will very much be an appeal to those looking to get in early with ARTM, as they are significantly lower than the global trading average. CoinTiger is also an entry-level exchange, rendering it friendly and easy to use toward new cryptocurrency investors. One thing for sure is that ARTM is off to a blazingly fast start, and this successful debut on the CoinTiger exchange is just the beginning. View on CoinTiger

News 12/13/2021

Pre-Sale Live to the Public

The ARTM Friends & Family sale has now finished and the sale has expanded into a public pre-sale which will continue through January 11th, 2022. For those looking to get in on the ground floor with a rapidly growing cryptocurrency, this pre-sale is the opportunity of a lifetime. "We can't wait to show you what's in the development pipeline for ARTM, stay tuned." - Ryan Farley (Blockchain Lead)

News 10/11/2021

Friends & Family Sale

ARTM Technologies has privately introduced the ARTM Token (ARTM) Friends & Family sale. This sale is initially by invitation only, but the company plans to expand this sale out to the public in the near future.

News 8/20/2021

Founders/Seed Sale Complete

The ARTM Founders/Seed Sale that started on July 30th has completed. The company has reported it was a terrific success and they sold 125.943 ETH worth of ARTM. They would like to thank everyone who participated, and ensure them that ARTM is well on it's way in becoming a household name.

News 7/30/2021

Token Launch

After months of work and development, ARTM Technologies announces the ARTM Token (ARTM) has officially launched. The token contract can be viewed on Etherscan. More details on their upcoming projects and releases can be found on their website and social media accounts.